Why Your Recording Location Matters


Producing the best quality of audio recording is extremely vital. Who would like to listen to a scratchy sound? Or a full of noise, even? How much more of a conversation audio recording; do you want to spend your time listening to things that you can’t clearly comprehend due to sound quality?

Technology brings a lot of advancements. Because of this mediocrity, we tend to say that, “Nah, we’ll just fix that later. It’s not a problem.” But the bottom-line is that we keep on regretting. Why?

Gears? Check! Cam recorders, check! Audio recorders, check! Quality microphones, check! The people who will be involved, check! What else? Location! Yes, not just the location, but the right location.

Preparing for a location for recording is very important to have a quality output. Stop crossing your fingers that everything might turn out well and hoping that getting a clean output will be achieved. Duh, who would like to waste time taking into consideration the problems that will give you a bad output.

To help you out, here are some things and tips that you might want to consider why location really matters as well as other factors that may ruin you recording.

Troublemakers are not welcome.

Is there a presence of irrelevant sound within your microphone’s range? If yes, Oh no. That is another problem. Take care of those extraneous sounds that will make a location unusable. Move them away. Natural sounds such as cicadas and grasshoppers, wind, rustling leaves, they are your great competitors. Also, make sure those sound producing equipment can be turned on and off for longer periods of time; otherwise, completely take away noise producing objects before starting.

Soundproofing is not possible.

Yes, let’s accept this fact. However, there are means and ways to minimize background noise. The fizzy-fuzzy sound, at least get rid of it. If you’re inside a room, turn that air conditioner off that produces unnecessary sound. Place that creaky chair behind or outside the room. In short, troublemakers are not welcome.

Know the troublemakers.

Know them first. To give you more ideas of troublemakers, here are some: nearby constructions, telephones, cellphones, air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, televisions, radios, computers, vending machines, squeaky chair, door chimes, door bells, pets, neighboring loud arguments, etc. These are a lot. Sometimes, troublemakers are also made by those around us – jewelries, falling pen, opening gum or food wrappers, inattentive putting down of things, chit-chats, etc. As much as possible, everyone must be careful.

Take into consideration the ambiance.

The natural atmosphere is not really a disadvantage of getting quality recording. Taking advantage over it takes time to master and to learn. Conversations and dialogues must be on top over the background sounds. Avoid competition against the ambiance in getting the attention of you viewers. If the location is loud, then people talk louder. Project more if the camera and audio recorder are further away. If you’re in the situation when sounds are too loud, then it’s time put your gear on. Do this before your people start setting up other things.

Always remember that microphones don’t have the ability to disregard unimportant sounds in order to clarify a dialogue.

Microphone matters.

This is very crucial to conversations and dialogues. Find the best microphone. The Audio-Technica BP4073 Lightweight Shotgun Microphone is an exceptional one. If the recording involves many people, make sure to place the microphone at equal distance from all of them.

Worst – Assume that.

Commitment and technical ability of the people you’re with towards producing a quality audio throughout the production is unpredictable. Assume the worst.

After you’ve finalized and considered everything, then it’s time for you to recheck. Separate yourself from the crew or from the people you are with. Have a final evaluation. Be a keen listener. Bring out your sensitiveness to sounds. Not dealing with the issues and hoping for the best will just increase your frustrations. Everything will be put in place after finding the right location. Then, you have the final say that everything is okay.

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