Top Strategies To Start Your Mix


Mixing sounds isn’t just about jamming to music. There are a lot of techniques and strategies that you should try out in order to get the best possible outcome. If you are an audio specialist, then here are a few strategies that you can play around with so you can create a really awesome sound recording.

Start with the beat

They say that the beat is the heart of the song. Even if it is the least heard part of an entire ensemble, it provides the foundation. You can’t have a funky song without a funky beat! Before you put in the melodic elements of the song like the vocals, the guitars, the piano sounds or whatever, start with having a drum beat that’s really catchy and just let everything else follow. First, you should have to get the drummer create a funky rhythmic beat. Once you have the basic rhythm that comes from the drums, everything will be based on that beat and all the other musical elements will just fall into place from there.

Start with the voice

Another way to create a good sound mix is to start with the voice instead. However, you should only do this if your lead singer has a powerful voice. Let the lead singer sing the entire song in a Capella style first and then add the rhythm later on. After you record the voice, you then slowly put in the other elements of music like the lead guitar, the bass, the pianos, the second voices, and lastly, the drums. If you do this, you will be centering your entire song around the vocalist. Do remember that this will only work if you have a singer with a strong voice and a wide vocal range.

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Make it Perfect

One other way to mix your sounds is to make a perfect production and just fix it using your sound editing software. This is probably one of the hardest and most tedious of all the strategies because you will hardly find any band that can perform an entire song perfectly in just a few tries. There will most likely be a lot of takes before you can get a near-perfect recording. Once you’ve got a near-perfect recording, then you can clean it up by mixing and editing. You can make the sound high definition and you can add effects. The advantage of using this method is that you can save time on editing. However, you have to make sure that the band that you’re recording is really good otherwise you’ll have to repeat the recording a lot of times.

Going Back to Bass-ics

One very useful method to use when recording heavy songs is to record the lower bass sounds first. Heavy songs are known for their frequent usage of strong bass sounds which means that the bass can be used as the foundation of the song. When you do this strategy, you start with the low sounds that would come from a kick drum or an 808 (a drum machine). After you’ve created the rhythm of the low bass sounds, then you can add the bass guitar or the other parts of the drum. Once all of those have been added, then you can slowly add the keyboard sounds (bass keyboard sounds) and the snare. If the vocals have a bass-ish sound, then you can add that as well. You continue until you reach the treble elements. By doing this, you are actually making a bass dominant recording which is ideal for heavy rock or metal songs. The key idea of this technique is to start from low to high.



If you are an audio specialist, then it is very important that you know the different tricks and techniques of mixing sounds. There are so many other strategies out there that you can try. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment and create your own techniques. If you know the basics, then you can make your own style of mixing and editing. Music has no limits and so does sound mixing. It’s up to you what you want to do.

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