Tips in Making your First Audio Demo


Making your very first demo is something that could be a struggle. This may be due to lack of experience, even when you have practiced making one before. Beginners tend to worry to much so as not to make a mistake and impress the critics.

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There are tips that are guaranteed to make your demo more refined than what you have right now. If you wish to make you project more successful, take a look at these.

Get What the Client Demands

You have to find the right libraries that suit your taste. Before you plan on submitting a demo, you should have a talk with the client you’re working with and try to get what they like in an audio. Note that your target client might dislike the type of genre that you provide especially if you lack ideas about making the demo. Research about new techniques and ideas and incorporate them in your mix. Don’t be afraid to try something new and risk once in a while.

Be Modern

As much as possible, you need to make sure that your demo is as modern as it can be. In order to make this possible, you have to listen to radio – no matter what genre it may be. However, there are some genres that are considered as classics and are great to listen up to this day. It is still considered as modern if it’s still in demand.

Keep Your Tracks Short

As much as possible, you have to keep your demo short and meaningful. This means that you should consider only songs and use the right audio components that can get you better results. Efficiency is the key to a good track, and not the length of the music. People will get bored if you submit a long demo, with limited diversity and meaning.

Never Be a Copycat

There are some experts that can easily know if you copied a bit in your mix from a well-known audio track. If so, not only will get yourself into trouble, you would end up wasting all the time you used to make the track as it will probably end up being rejected. Never forget that there are copyright policies you should follow.

Don’t Be Repetitive

Repeating a piece of footage on your demo will make the client think that you might have limited ideas. Always make your flow unique on every part of the demo. This is known to be one of the causes of downfall for most musicians as they proceed through a good track into a low-quality type of audio.

Double Check your Demo

Proofread your lyrics, check technical errors on your tracks such as glitches and background noise, and off-key footages. Never rush on your demo and get all excited in submitting your project. All high-quality audio is always double-checked in order to provide quality and to avoid considering your project as mediocrity to the clients.

Ask Opinions

Asking for opinion is a part of learning, and the essence of submitting your first audio demo is because you’re learning to progress further in this type of career. Ask experts and critics that you know in your respective genres for tips to improve your track further. Always get acquainted with various people from the industry as they are essential for you build your career.

Be Yourself!

Let your individuality shine in every track you make. If you have swag, then show it. If you happen to be a humorous person, then prove it to them. Don’t hide your personality. Confidence in yourself and in your track is what it takes for you succeed.

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With these very valuable tips, you can expect that better results will definitely come upon submission. The tools are in front of you already, and all you have to do is to make of good use out of it in order to succeed. Lastly, even if your track does end up getting rejected, just keep on submitting!

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