Plug-ins That’ll Boost Audio Volume Without Damage


Audio Volume Without Damage

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Many people get frustrated when they compare their personal mixes with those of the commercial releases. There can always be that gap in regards with the presence, volume, and impact. If you are one of those people who are struggling with the same problem, here are some useful plug-ins that you can use to enhance the volume of your very own mixes.

Note: You need to understand the differences between RMS and Peak to fully grasp this guide.

1. UAD Neve33609

This plug-in can do something that other plug-in compressors can hardly do. If used with the master bus, this reduces around 1.5 dB with a quick release. It also provides a boost in terms of RMS without having to introduce pumping and some other negative stuff. It clearly brings impact, a more vivid sense of brightness, and a good sense of balance. You can affordably purchase it online if you’re interested.

2. Fab Filter Pro-L

This is another go-to limiter for recording enthusiasts. It’s very flexible and gets you in total control. It can be quite complicated, so you have to be willing to go through a bit of a learning curve here. However, once you totally get the hang of it. You can already be like a pro in boosting your audio volume without ruining the overall sound quality. However, be careful in gaining the reduction. Don’t overdo it to avoid causing more harm than good. The key feature here is its real time RMS readout. It also enables you to grasp the whole process in a clearer sense. Truly a neat plug-in to try!

3. Waves L3- LL Multi maximizer

This L3-LL provides the same level of hype as the popular L2. This just comes in a multi band compressor format. Set your threshold when using this, so your material can rarely be  subject to major gain reduction. It can also be a good idea to make use of another limiter like the fab Filter Pro- L to maximize better results. Since it is multi band, you can maximize it to compress problematic areas such as low-mids. You can even make use of it on its vocal aux in order to compress gently the sibiland 7 to 9k range.

4. UAD Studer-A800 & Ampex ATR 102

 This is another classic tool. This is simply outstanding. It offers a warmer, more vintage tone. You can use this especially in our featured tracks. It also works really well on the master bus and sub-auxes. It gives the kind of flavor that boosts the highs of your recording, giving a better sense of space and enabling it to raise the RMS of the mix. However, avoid pushing the meters to the red since it might crush the transients and pave way to unnecessary distortions.

5. Cytomic The Glue

This model comes after the popular SSL MasterBus Compressor. It provides the main features of a wet/ dry mix knob. Using your SSL compressor, reduce about 2dB of gain before your mixes begin to pump, to lose bass, and to go dull. You can also push it just a little harder (maybe 4dB of gain reduction). Just turn the affects signals down together with the mix knob. This creates the parallel compression in an easier manner.

Cytomic The Glue

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These are some of the many plug-ins you can use to boost the perceived loudness of your recording without ruining it. You may also try to explore more options that might also do you well. The most important thing is to constantly practice and improve your skills by absorbing as much knowledge as you can. If you are serious about making his a career, you need to go the extra mile in making your skill reach new heights. You have to invest in the right tools and plug-ins that can help you reach more outstanding results. This is not only a game of mastery. It’s also a game of using the right tools and strategies.

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