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JBL LSR305 5
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  • JBL LSR305 5
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Primarily made in the USA, the JBL LSR305 Active Studio Monitor has its amplifier built inside the enclosure and the perfect sound; all with its bass and treble are just great for professional use. The low and high-frequencies delivering quality sound and its mixing capability adds up to the product’s cost-effectiveness.


JBL LSR305 5

JBL LSR305 5″ Active Studio Monitor

Talking about an active studio monitor, according to some irresponsible users, this is seldom produced by manufacturers because of its limited sound delivery, as the myth about this type of speaker goes. But not in the case of JBL, one of the most popular brands in the market in decades, the myth is just, well, a myth. The JBL LSR305 Studio Monitor is an active type of speakers which commonly does not need an external (or separate) amplifier.

But how can it amplify sound? The answer is simple and needs no further explanation. Its amplifier is built inside the monitor housing or cabinet and it needs only to plug line-level signals straight from your sources into the monitor. That’s that simple!

Also, contrary to myths, an active speaker could deliver quality sounds just like a passive one, depending on the materials it is built, as in the case of JBL LSR305. This product is out into the Amazon market beginning the summer of 2013 and currently garnering 92% satisfaction rating among satisfied customers.

Find out how this single product busted the myth and see for you its vast features in a single enclosure, here it goes!

Product Features

JBL LSR305 5

JBL LSR305 5″ Active Studio Monitor

1. Two-way Powered, Magnetically Shielded

The Bi-amplified LSR305 is consists of a 5-inch low-frequency (woofer) and a 1-inch soft-domed high-frequency (tweeter) transducers delivering high and low signals creating the most clarity and detailed sounds.

The 3-series long-throw of a woofer delivers deep bass, impressive enough to give you the best shot. Its Neodymium driven tweeter (made from damped woven compound, known as composite) is just as energetic as its counterpart as it delivers a smooth high frequency response. The drivers are also magnetically shielded to protect other devices such as TV, computers and other electronic products in close proximity from hazardous magnetic flux.

2. Image Control Waveguide (ICW)

The ICW was developed and first introduced to JBL’s initial M2 Master Reference Monitor and is now included in the 3 Series which gives more compact and affordability to the LSR305.This technology enables the precise control of the sound coming from the monitor in both vertical and horizontal planes guaranteeing neutral and accurate presentation in the listening position.

3. Professionally Balanced Inputs

To maintain awesome signal and sound quality, the speaker has a balanced XLR accompanied by 6mm TRS inputs giving you choices in connecting the monitor to any source while maintaining the sound quality.

4. “Trim” Switches for LF and HF

Providing you with more excellent control for both the low-frequency and high-frequency sound inside the workroom or in the luxury of your home, the LF and HF switches could be manipulated to fine-tune your bass preference or the treble you desire compensating the room acoustics or your personal taste.

5. Sensitive Input Choice

This feature allows for a more compatible relationship with other sound sources. The -10dB/ +4dB sensitivity permits you to connect to high frequency output with the danger of input overloading.

6. Patented SlimStrip™ Design

The misery of professional mixers will now be over with the JBL LSR305’s where the low frequency port works in-sync with the woofer producing deep bass response in any playback field. Reducing sound turbulence, the double-flare shape that this port has is a state-of-the-art technology for better low frequency extension.

7. Linear Spatial Reference (LSR) Design

Unlike any other design, which most manufacturers rely on a single axis of measurement for the monitor’s performance, the JBL 305 Active Studio Monitor on the other hand, guides your music to the point of reference. This is done through the LSR design where 72 measurements giving more than 1,200 data capable of enhancing the “right sound” in any work room, no matter what its size are. In any room size and shape, the LSR305 delivers accurate sound superiority making your mixes always on the right track.

8. Other Improved Specifications

To give you more access to the LSR305’s more dynamic specifications, other important matters are listed below concerning the popular monitor:

  • AC Input Voltage: 100-240V
  • Peak SPL: 108dB
  • Peak Input: +23dBu
  • Low-frequency Power Amp: 41W Class D
  • High-frequency Power Amp: 41W Class D
  • Low-frequency Trim Control: +2db,0,-2dB
  • High-frequency Trim Control: +2dB,0,-2dB
  • Product Dimensions (H x W x T): 11.75 X 7.28 X 9.88 inches
  • Product Weight: 10.12 lbs.
  • Included in the package: US made power cables

Pros & Cons


  • Professionally reliable: As more enthusiasts and satisfied customers have attested, this product is highly reliable especially for the people on the entertainment industry.
  • Highly Advisable for mixing: The LSR305 is basically designed for audio mixing where it has wide sweet spot; this means that you have less variation from what is heard when not in a perfect position.
  • Powerful amplifier: This product’s built-in and very efficient Class D amplifiers permit a large output and productive legroom which is what needed in diverse and demanding production lifestyles.
  • Still sounds accurate even in low volume: The ported design of the speaker still gives accurate sound even in low volume which is conducive during night listening so as not to disturb sleeping neighbors.
  • Made in USA: The JBL LSR305 originated from the US where it is made and assembled.
  • Best Sellers Rank: This product is currently 5th in Musical Instruments/ Recording Equipment/ Studio Monitors category according to Amazon.
  • 30-day Trial: This product is eligible under Amazon’s return policy and Prime (Free shipping program of the site).


  • No included cables: Cords and cables are sold separately when you make a purchase; the product though is fully assembled as it arrives to you.


The myth about active monitors has been busted by the JBL LSR305 Active Studio Monitor with this offering. Barely, months into the market, the active studio monitor from JBL shows a good showing on sales and positive reviews among satisfied customers.

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