How to Set Up Your Own Home Recording Studio


In order for some people to cut a lot of cost from renting a recording studio, they usually set up their own at home. It might require you to invest a lot at first, but the fruits of your labor will be totally worth it in the long run once you finish setting it up in this desirable location.

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Home studios are much more preferable thanks to the fact that it avoids you from spending money for rent, and it gives you much more freedom to do your own style, especially if you’re still a beginner. If you think that setting up one at home is hard, then you will be surprised with the fact that it’s actually an easy thing to make. Here are the following steps in making a home recording studio:

Get a Computer First

The first thing that you need to consider is to buy a computer. Having a computer is very important when it comes to recording music since you will depend a lot on a software in order to develop our own music. When it comes to your computer, always remember that your processor needs to be of high quality as audio tools require a lot of memory on your computer. Speaking of memory, the size of your overall memory space must be large enough to save a lot of your projects. Lastly, you also need to have an upgraded audio card as built-in cards won’t actually help you in refining your demos.

Get your Preferred Software

You need to get the best recording software there is for you to use, and get it installed on your computer in order to get started once you’re done setting up your computer. Note that free ones won’t work at all because it only runs on trial periods. Also, you can’t expect high quality from it. There are cheaper recording software out there, but the more expensive ones are the ones that will guarantee you a lot of options – to the point of freely making the style of music that perfectly suits your ideas. Still, the cheaper ones can provide you with enough variety of options for you to explore as you make music. It can be a good start for you if you happen to be a beginner.

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Purchase an Audio Card

The audio card/interface is the type of hardware that’s installed inside your computer on the sound card. It’s capable of connecting instruments and microphones on your computer with the help of a mixer. Installing this on a PC needs you to place it on PCI slot, which is connected via FireWire when using a Mac. There are lots of types of interfaces that are available in the market, and it’s best to choose those that have two input and output jacks for better performance and flexibility.

Get Tools of the Trade

The essential tools when recording in your studio are the headphones, studio monitors and the microphone. These three are must-haves. Aim for better quality ones.

When choosing studio monitors, look for the near field types as it can provide high range frequency that measures a meter. In terms of headsets, any price will do as long as it provides excellent durability. Headsets are preferable as they help you concentrate and avoid outside noises. For mics, only one will do and purchasing more than one is optional. Dynamic mics are the perfect ones to use for recording as it can perfectly record footage from instruments and not just the voice of its user.

Make the Studio Soundproof

In order to make the studio more private and to avoid disturbing others at home, you can have the place soundproofed. Seal the doors with a type of vinyl called sheetblok, or you can just use sealing strips for cheaper alternatives. Aside from sealing, be sure that breathability is available in your place which is why an exhaust fan is needed.

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