Dangers in Recording Studios You May Have Missed


There are some things that are dangerous for your mix. However, some people may have failed to look at these dangers as they too focused in making their track and making it successful. All audio engineers must remember that no matter how much you want to make things as fast and easy as possible, it’s also important to pause for a moment and try to evaluate your outlook on your recording.

One of the biggest mistakes of an audio engineer is that they make a wrong assumption or put too much thought into the construction of their mix. The way they think will affect the output they make. Correcting the wrong assumptions is then essential. Here are some of those misconceptions.

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“I can use my other mixes in this track.”

While there is a potential that your other mixes can improve your current track, it’s not an assurance that you’ll be able to produce good music. In fact, if you only use other mixes for the sake of using it, then your track might be in trouble.

Before you pick which sounds you put in your track, be sure to check that both tracks are of the same genre and could ride the same beat.

“Everybody will love this track.”

When you build an expectation so high, you’re bound to fall. Let’s say that you’ve created a beautiful track that has a potential to be famous, it does not mean the everyone will directly like it. First of all, each person has different taste in music. Secondly, it’s not only about who loves your track, but it is also a question of whether they will be able to listen to your track in the first place.

Thinking this is destructive and can ruin your self confidence. When you don’t see this happening in real life, you tend to doubt your skills. To avoid this, set realistic goals and expect minimum success. When you expect less and get something big at the end of the day, you will appreciate the win more.

You must also learn how to face rejection. Not all people can be your fan, some of them will even become your basher. This is especially true nowadays that fewer and fewer people listen to music in mono or those without lyrics. Use the bad comments you get as an inspiration to be better in the industry and study how to get much better in mixing sounds.

recording music

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“My track will sound much better once mixed.”

You would think that the mixing technique you employ, the more exquisite track you’ll have. However, this is not the case. Most of the time, you will only create a chaotic and confusing  music. If you use mix to try and cover the bad quality of your audio, you’ll only end up highlighting the bad parts of your track.

If you wish to utilize creative freedom, make sure that you use it properly. Plan your record if you’re not good at impromptu recording. Listen to a lot of sounds but only pick those that will go well with your track. Move your mics, get perfect takes, track the band and try to have the best audio for your mix. If you listen to your track and find that everything is bland and uninspiring, then it’s better if you redo the recording other than trying to use mixing techniques to enhance it.

“Once my track is mastered, it will sound perfect.”

This is another common yet dangerous assumption. Some people tend to blame to lowness of their track’s quality to the fact that is has not been mastered yet. Though mastering will help you improve some parts of your track, it can’t save the entire record. It is not a magic technique that will correct every problem that you have in your track.

If you have a bad track, address the problem directly to the core. If it’s the vocals, record the artist again. If it’s the drums, get the recording right next time.

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