Choosing the Right Audio Gear For Your Studio


Music recording is one of the important steps a musician should take. Before, recording was once believed to be a costly thing to do as you need to pay a large amount of money to rent a studio but with the advancement of technologies today, it is easier for you to create a recording studio right at the convenience of your home. Almost everyone can operate a recording studio and set it up. You just need to choose a few important pieces of recording gears that is perfect for your studio. The most essential gears that you need in your studio are covered here as well as the things that you need to consider in choosing the right gears for your studio.


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Microphones for quality sound

Microphones are one of the vital gears in your recording studio because it can determine the quality of the sound being produced. Be sure to pick a good quality microphone that could offer a wide range of frequencies. The most common used microphones in recording are the vocal condenser microphones and the dynamic microphones.

Vocal condenser microphones can be used with various sound sources, may it be recording vocals, guitars, etc. Choose a condenser microphone that has a frequency range of about 20 hertz (Hz) to 22 kilohertz (KHz).  These microphones are known to have sensitivity and a frequency response range better than the dynamic ones. This is due to this reason why a lot of musicians preferred to use it in their recording.

Dynamic microphones, on the other hand, are often used in performances that are made live. If you are recording musical instruments such as a guitar that uses amps, dynamic microphones are for you as this is considered as the best tool to record guitar amps.

Studio headphones for accuracy

A nice pair of studio headphones would also prove to be useful in your recording as you may want to have a playback so that faults can be corrected and changes can be made. This is needed for you to get the exact sound that you wanted and to have the right accuracy of pitch, rhythm, and tune.  Closed back headphones are must-haves to those who are recording vocals and musical instruments over an existing music file since it is designed to block the sounds outside and prevent the recorded track you are listening to while creating some new parts of the music being heard on the microphone.

Studio monitors for different types of listening environments

Studio monitors or speakers have the same function as what headphone does― for sound accuracy. However, this is considered as the best means in getting an accurate playback as it is accessible for different types of listening environment. Mid-field or far-field monitors are commendable to those who have a large studio for it is designed to produce sound in some distance in an accurate manner. Near-field monitors, as its name suggest, are monitors that are placed near the field where the listener is situated. This best used by those who own a home studio.

Computer hardware for operating studio unit

Most set-ups on recording are done on computers (Mac, PC desktop, laptop, etc.). In choosing a computer that would act out as the operating unit in your studio, you need to look for one which has 2 USB ports and a firewire port (at minimum), an internal hard disk that have a capacity of about 1 terabyte (TB), an updated Intel processors and a random access memory ( RAM) of about 2 gigabytes to 4 GB. Your hardware should at least be powered by a fixed and secured operating system (OS) that is suitable for the type of computer you have.

Software for recording

Choosing the Right Audio Gear For Your Studio

Recording software or digital audio workstation (DAW) is used for music production. Without this, computers would not prove to be useful in recording. There is a wide variety of DAW software to choose from that would fit your budget, music, etc. Choose the ones that can support audio stream input/output (ASIO), and multi-track or multi-channel recording. Make sure that your software is suitable to your OS and hardware.

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