Biggest Mistakes You Can Make in Recording


Mistakes are sometimes inevitable. What a person can do is to minimize the possibility of making one as much as he can. For example, in making a recording, there are a lot of things to consider that there is high probability that one could mess up a part or another. Still, this is not enough excuse for one to make the same mistakes again and again. The only thing a producer, music recorder, or music engineer can do to lessen the percentage of making mistakes is to practice and know things that they should know.

Ignorance, false assumptions, lack of practice are some of the main causes of the recurrence of problems and mistakes.  If you want to avoid making these mistakes commonly made by other people, then look at the list below.

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Not enough knowledge of the industry

Before you start anything, make sure that you know the ins and outs of making a recording, producing it, and advertising it to the mass. Of course, you can hire people to do most of these for you. However, it is much better if you have stock knowledge about the essential things so you can manage your career better.

Investing little time

 You can not be successful at something if you don’t put your 100% concentration on it. In fact, it’s hard to find a famous part-time musicians. If you’re determined to be in the industry, assess yourself and determine whether you want to take the risk. You must know that you will undergo many challenges and struggles at first. There is also a chance that you will not be successful after all. However, if you’re determined enough, be confident and focus on your goal.

Lack of Budget

Sometimes, record artists like to think that as long as they have the skill, then they’ll be able to make it big in the industry. While this is not entirely false, one should also not take for granted the fact that the budget you allot for a project is essential. You can sponsors and let companies to support your record, tour, merchandise, etc. The downside of this is you limit your freedom in creating your own music.

Relying to much on social media

While it’s true that social media can help you in promoting your music, it’s not enough. If you want to impress a record label or artist manager, get a website going and build traffic in it. Websites make them think that you are serious in making it to the industry and good traffic tells them that you have enough supporters to follow you and your site.

Not enough connections

In the entertainment business, connections are your lifeline. If you’re determined to get into the industry, you must plan how you build your relationship with people related to your line of work. How you nurture this relationships would determine the opportunities that would open up to you in the future. Hence, take care of the people you know and treat them right. Still, don’t forget that this a two-way relationship. If you gain something from a person, make sure that you offer something in return.

 Undervaluing fans

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If you want to be successful, it’s not enough that you have many fans— you need to have dedicated fangirls or fanboys. What’s different between the two is that fans will appreciate your music, maybe buy one or two of your recordings and follow you on social media sites, while fangirls will buy all your recordings and merchandise, go to every concerts, share you posts, and promote your albums for free. Some people say that fangirls can advertise artists better than how artists advertise themselves. Therefore, take care of your fans and focus on making fangirls.

Low quality performance

Another common mistake is that people tend not to give so much effort into their concerts. They tend to stop delivering once a song is recorded and published, not knowing that live performances are just as important. The audience can tell whether you have put much thought and effort in your performance and will come again and again in your concerts if you do.

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