Behringer MS16 Compact Stereo Speaker System Review

Behringer MS16 Compact Stereo Speaker System - Black
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Primarily designed to be used in various applications and in synchronization with other sources, the Behringer MS16 Compact Stereo Speaker System protects its neighbor from magnetic flux, creates great sound and mix and truly affordable. The system has dual-amplification which most active speaker systems do not have. Its connectivity is just enormous; you may not think the speakers are small and lightweight. The input choices are also outstanding where assortment of equipment could be utilized all at the same time. The belief that the “bigger the better” seems not applicable for this product.


Behringer MS16 Compact Stereo Speaker System - Black

Behringer MS16 Compact Stereo Speaker System – Black

The Behringer MS16 is a compact stereo system that brings the loudness into a form of art. Seemingly built to last and deliver sound like no other speaker system could match is one hell of an experience for the active professionals. This item comes in black.

The MS16 is an active type of personal speaker system that brings a whole new level of entertainment to homes, the music industry and in mix media applications. Keyboarding and vocal monitoring are just a few of its various applications.

This product is currently pegged at number 6 in the Musical Instrument/ Studio Monitors/ Recording Equipment category of Amazon which is mainly based on consumer response on the marketability of the product. Though it has been in the market for quite a while, customers’ patronage continues to climb during the last quarter of 2015 until this year.

As a German company providing the world with durable and versatile audio products, Behringer is one of the most trusted brands worldwide. Find out more of this brand and know why it is still the word-of-mouth among professionals and the novices alike.

Product Features

Behringer MS16 Compact Stereo Speaker System - Black

Behringer MS16 Compact Stereo Speaker System – Black

1. Compact Monitor Speaker System

With the following dimensions of 5.90 X 5.50 X 9.50 inches, the MS16 is one of the most compact stereo speaker systems across the land. Size does really matter, but for a device so powerful at its stature, who needs a bigger one? Though touted as small and compact, these speaker monitors are best suited for home and industry use such as home theaters, studio monitoring and various media applications.

2. With Built-in Amplifiers, Inputs and Controls

The built-in 8-watt amplifiers (total of 16 Watts for both) powered the 4-inch woofer and the high-resolution 1.50-inch tweeters which deliver both low and high-frequencies. The system has a dedicated Volume, Bass and Treble Controls to manipulate and concentrate at your preferred sound mix. The stereo has also an RCA inputs for better sound response, keyboards and similar sound level that could be used in-sync with other stereo sources such as CDs, MP3s and MD players via its 1/8” TRS output.

 On the other hand, there is an isolated and adjustable ¼” TRS microphone input, electric guitars and other musical instruments that could be integrated with other stereo inputs primarily used for vocal monitoring and playback. There is more! There is a ¼” TRS for headphone connection accompanied by an auto-mute function for loudspeaker. When you use the auto-mute in favor of the headphone, the loudspeakers automatically revert to silent mode.

3. Best Sound Quality, User-friendly

While you spend most of your time reminiscing or mixing great music and memories, you really deserve to have an awesome active loudspeaker that could be tamed and trained to the last note. Its best quality sound does not only offer the best mixing and recording capability but also the friendliest to operate.

4. Frequency Response

The total 16 watts of amplified sound power gives an ultra-wide frequency response ranging from 80Hz to 20 kHz enclosed in a durable plastic cabinet coated with the most durable material only Behringer could formulate.

5. Quality Assured

As Behringer’s manufacturing process is one of the best in the world, the assurance of quality, purity and clarity of sound and the perfect performance of this product is the company’s utmost concern.

6. Magnetically Shielded

To protect your desktop, laptop or PC monitors and other electronic appliances like TV in close proximity, the speaker monitors are magnetically shielded to spare these devices from the harsh effect of stray magnetic flux commonly emitted by drivers of stereo monitors. But humans don’t have to worry because they are immune to these fluxes.

Pros & Cons


  • Two-way Stereo System: This two-way compact stereo speaker system with both speakers has a built-in amplifier where one could be used at low or high-level frequencies and vice-versa.
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty: As Behringer is striving to provide its customers with “the best possible Customer Experience”; the company is offering a 3-Year Warranty for those who will make a purchase. You can check out the company’s website for added details regarding this warranty. For Amazon’s part, this product qualifies for a 30-day trial period and return policy together with Prime (or the free shipping program).
  • Affordable: Basically priced much lower than other active speaker systems compared to other brands of its class, the product is really a bargain.
  • Lightweight: At 8.80 lbs., this compact stereo system is one of the lightest in the industry and the music enthusiasts are just too excited to bring these in their various gigs outside of home and away from the workroom.
  • Storage friendly, space saver: The compatibility of this product makes it easier to store when planned not to be used for a longer time.
  • Great portability: The compactness of the Behringer MS16 makes it comfortable to be carried outdoors for some nonlinear editing and on-the-scene laptop presentations.
  • A very cost-effective alternative: If you want a budget-friendly product but could quench your thirst for a good stereo speaker system, this is one perfect alternative.


  • Cables are not included on sole purchase of this product: The package does not include the needed cables for integration, however, they could be ordered separately and they are dirt cheap but with durable quality.
  • Interference from mobile device: Although this product does not interfere with other devices, there is no guarantee that it can withstand the interference from mobile devices.


The simplicity of the Behringer MS16 Compact Stereo Speaker System in construction and its compactness make this product outstanding for the frequently moving professionals where most of their jobs are on location. This active type stereo speaker system is highly-flexible and really commands the respect among the enthusiasts as this could last a lifetime with proper care.

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