Why Audio Advertisement Online Are Clicked


Various forms of advertisement had slowly evolved into a different and more innovative way. There had been different kinds of advertisement that had risen throughout the years. From papers to digital form, indeed it has evolved to something more effective. Many advertisers have come up with different strategies to inform people, may it be about a product, a cause or endorsements.

One of them is through audio advertisements. What is an audio advertisement? Audio advertisements are promotions of products, events and causes that are presented to the public in audio format. Usually they are played on the radio or being read live by many deejays and radio announcers. So why doaudio advertisements often leave a mark as compared to other ads like commercials and print ads? Here are some of the reasons why it makes it more effective than other ads.

It is always heard by many

Because of music, many people tend to always listen to radio and online streaming stations. They can listen to it wherever they go. They can access it through their smartphones, tablets, radios, desktops and laptops. Because of this easy accessibility, it makes it easy for advertisers to ask radio stations to play their audio advertisements. People would always listen to music when they go to work, school or when they have appointment. People would listen to the radio for news reports knowing they couldn’t watch it on the television because they are on the rush to avoid traffic and work. Many people would always turn their radio when they drive just to fill the silence of driving alone. In this era, people don’t have the luxury of sitting down. Most of the time people are always on the go. They don’t have time to watch the television or read the news, more often than not, people would skip advertisements and most likely proceed to important news.

The power of Social Media and Applications

The internet plays a vital role in audio advertisements too. Everyday many people are always online all over the world, 24/7. Application, like Spotify and Spinnr, make it more possible. These applications allow you to listen to music all over the world. They are powered by the internet. This internet radios have bigger population of listeners as compared to radio stations. Having your ads being played by these applications, it makes it easier for your product to be known. Everyday more than 3 million people are always online, making it easier for advertisers to spread their campaigns. Online streaming applications allow ads to be played. This is an agreement between the application makers and the advertisers. Oftentimes, when you subscribe or register or download applications to your phone, tablets and desktops for free, there will be ads shown not unless you are willing to pay for the premium version and not the free version.

Well Done Audio Ads

his is also important. Audio ads should be well done. It should capture the interest of the audiences. Many people who are often on the go would rather listen to audio ads than reading and watching them. Most of the time, people would just listen to it while doing something else. Audio Ads should be relevant and fun especially since it is in an audio format. There are times people would get discouraged if ads are irrelevant. It is best that all data given should be relevant. Creativity is also important in making audio advertisements. . It is very important that you should capture the interest of the listeners. Oftentimes, advertisers would ask an artist to endorse their products. This also helps audio ads, especially if that artist is a popular artist. This marketing strategy helps not only advertisers but the artists themselves as well. Audio clips should not be more than one minute. The longer it gets the less clickable it will be. It should also not be less than 30 seconds.

Audio advertisements and other forms of advertisements play a vital role in our society. Regardless of the formats, advertisements should be fun, relevant and informative for people to learn and understand in a meaningful and memorable way.

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